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BOOK: "A Physician Examines the Miracles of Jesus"CHAPTER SUMMARIES

1. The Man Who Lived in a Graveyard
The man in the graveyard had a beastly appearance. If a psychiatrist were to see him today, he would say he is psychotic. When he was born his mother probably said, “what beautiful eyes! What a pretty nose!” How, then, was he transformed into a being that ignited terror and repugnance? And what did Jesus do for him?

2. Boy with a Grand Mal Demon
The disciples were afraid to deal with the boy. They failed with his case, lacking the faith or confidence. “How long has this been happening to him?” with that question, Jesus Christ immersed himself in the anguish of the family. The father’s faith was tested, the boy convulsed till they thought he was dead. The people that he was dead. What a blunder! What a fiasco! He is dead!

3. The Man Who Started Talking
How can two groups respond so differently to the same miracle? A river of thanks and praises start to flow from the mouth of a man who had never spoken.

4. A Bad Spirit in the Synagogue
Sometimes there are arsonists working as firefighters. In a place where there was prayer and the reading of God’s Word, there was also a man who did not ask to be liberated from his demon. His shout sounded like the scream of a furious beast.

5. Daughter of a Canaanite Woman
The daughter’s demon possession was manifested by agitation, restlessness, and probably sleep deprivation. When her mother came home and saw her in bed resting, her mother knew the miracle had been done. Peacefulness was the signboard saying that the demon had left.

6. Lazarus’s Five Miracles
The sisters must have felt betrayed! How could Jesus have failed? Lazarus’s brain, kidneys, and liver had experienced cellular death. His killer was probably an infectious illness due to a bacteria or virus. Can a believer with terminal illness believe that it is really for the glory of God?

7. Jairus’s Perfect Family
Jairus was impatient. Perhaps he tapped his feet with frustration as he tried to speed up the journey to get help for his daughter. But no doctor can revive a patient who has been dead for more than a few minutes. Yet Jesus is a Doctor who can open the curtains that darken the room of mourning, so the light of the sun can shine in.

8. The Suspended Funeral
The young man may have died from tuberculosis. Perhaps the same disease caused his father’s death. Jesus knew that the young man’s mother, a widow, needed her son to survive, yet his body—with no pulse, respiration, circulation, or any other sign of life—was already on the way to be buried. The first thing this man said when he arose from his casket was, “where am I?”

9. More Wine, Please
How is it possible to create in a few seconds a wine that tastes aged? How did Jesus change the structure of atoms of water into atoms of wine? And do it all just to spare a family the shame of running out during the wedding celebration?

10. Loaves and Fishes Without End
Perhaps he was the first venture capitalist. The boy with his loaves and fishes watched his groceries multiplied a hundredfold. Thanks to Jesus, the boy’s small take fed a huge crowd.

11. Four thousand for a Feast
As the years go by, most people become less sensitive to other’s pain. We get used to the injustices of life. Our Lord takes an insignificant product of His Creation in his own hands and gives God thanks for it. He is the Creator of the Universe, of the planetary systems, of the distant galaxies, and of the gigantic stars—yet He is concerned that the crowd is hungry.

12. Fishing in Deep Water
Peter realized that the Lord had done something absolutely wonderful when Peter’s empty nets were filled to bursting with fish. Peter had to obey Jesus’ command to cast the nets into the deep, and then he had to trust that the nets would hold.

13. Walking over the Darkened Sea
Peter had seen birds ride the waves. Perhaps he had wished to do the same. When Jesus gives Peter the option of walking on water, he jumps in with both feet—and faces one of his greatest challenges. Perhaps, one of the disciples cried out with horror, “poor man he is going to drown!”

14. A Fish Pays Taxes
Whoever lost the coin could never imagine the very special purpose God had for it. Just as Jesus knew where the coin was and what hook the fish would take, so God knows the depths of our hearts and the details of our lives.
15. Peace over Troubled Waters
The violent waves that had been hitting the boat suddenly came to a standstill. The wind roiling the water of the tiny lake was abruptly arrested. From the small boat, Jesus of Nazareth had put a halt to the storm.

16. Dried Up from the Roots
This is the only miracle of destruction that Jesus Christ performed. Unlike the prophets of old who executed the wrath of God on evil people, Jesus harmed only a tree. He came to save people.

17. Too Many Fish for the Nets
What did Jesus Christ see when He looked over the water? Seven tired men, their faces sad because of their failure. Not a single fish was found. Until Jesus spoke.

18. Suffering from Ineffective Medical Care

I doubt it was uterine cancer or cancer of the cervix. Malignancies without treatment progress quickly, and this woman had been suffering for twelve years. Probably, this woman had one of the chronic conditions that cause bleeding and would today be treated surgically. When Jesus healed this anemic woman, her blood count changed immediately from the 1.5 million red cells she probably had while sick to the normal count of 4.5 to 5 million.

19. Blindness from Birth
Jesus saw a man with a need. The disciples saw a theological question.“Who sinned, this man or his parents?” His blindness was not due to sin. Jesus’ answer to the disciples’ question has been a tremendous blessing to thousands.

20. Thirty-eight Years Sick
Polio has existed for thousands of years, and this may have been the illness that affected this man. He was too weak to get into the Pool to find the healing that he expected from the water. But Jesus offered him healing without effort.

21. Popular Bartimaeous
He was a man who was not easily defeated. Bartimaeous was probably blind due to an infection called tracoma. In 1990, the disease caused about 20 million cases of blindness. When Bartimaeous heard about the miracles performed by Jesus, perhaps he formulated a dream. He would not let an opportunity for healing pass him by.

22. Not on a Bed of Roses
In real life this man was not lying on a comfortable bed covered with roses. It’s possible that just being moved may have been extremely painful, much less being lowered from the roof by ropes.

23. The Man with Severe Edema
Fifteen to twenty pounds of fluid in the abdomen. . . this patient would have been close to drowning from fluid around the lungs. Two thousand years ago the most frequent causes would be kidney disease, congestive heart failure, or cirrhosis of the liver. But the illness was not a challenge to the healing power of God.

24. Blind Bethsaidan
Perhaps the blind man smiled as the Son of Man took him by the hand and directed him out of the city. This man received first the short distance vision of a child and then the infinite sight of a person with fully developed eyes. .

25. The Man Who Lived in Silence
For him there were no bird songs or pleasant conversation. The Lord Jesus Christ suffered profoundly when he saw the deaf and dumb man. He used His spit to cure the man. And there was no fear of contamination.

26. Peter Had a Mother-in-Law

She had an infection due to a bacteria or virus. Perhaps pneumonia or malaria. When the fever reached a certain level, she would suffer delirium or even convulsions. Fortunately, Jesus of Nazareth was never afraid to catch an infection.

27. Ten at a Time
It would have been easy for the Lord Jesus Christ to ignore those distant voices. Yet He did not ignore a single one. The ten lepers showed their faith by calling out to Jesus and again by going to show themselves to the priest. Perhaps some thought, “What have I got to show the priest but a body full of sores?” Yet in their obedience, they were healed.

28. No Fever Since 7 PM

Most diseases that cause fever and death are pneumonias or septicemias (sepsis). The bacteria invade the circulatory system. Malaria and typhoid fever can kill the same way. The nobleman’s son was probably going into a coma. His blood pressure may have been dropping and his skin becoming cold and sweaty. Before seven o’clock he looked like someone who was about to die. After seven he was full of life.

29. The Paralyzed Hand
The hand could not move, the muscles had atrophied, and the skin was thin and wrinkled. Perhaps it was due to an injury of the nerves, in the wrist, in the arm, in the spine, or even in the brain. Jesus could revive the dead. Renewing a dead hand was a small matter by comparison.

30. The Servant’s Boss

The servant is paralyzed. He is in severe pain and he is close to death. He has respiratory insufficiency. This could be a case of polio or Guillain-Barré Syndrome. The wise and faith-filled centurion seems to understand what so many others have missed—Jesus can heal just with a word, a thought, a prayer.

31. Full of Leprosy
The bacilli that produced the leprosy were destroyed. By His word He cleansed him. By His touch, He restored the man’s human dignity. A few minutes before, the disciples were ready to flee from the man; now they were ready to shake hands.

32. If I Could Walk Straight
Possibly the primary disease was Pott’s disease, which is tuberculosis of the spine. She is now able to walk with her head uplifted. Her gaze is directed at the horizon and to the sky.

33. Restoring an Ear
Few people are so fortunate that when they do something wrong there are no adverse consequences. Peter was so fortunate. So was Malcus, the man he wounded. After Jesus healed his ear there was no evidence even of a scar.

34. Transfiguration
In the transfiguration we see Jesus Christ not so much transformed as revealed. At least five supernatural phenomena were observed that day that can teach us much about the Person of Jesus.

35. Ascension
The ascension was not something that occurred to free Jesus from Earth. If that had been the intent, there would not have been a better time than when men came to arrest Him. What was so peculiar about the ascension of Jesus of Nazareth? How did it compare to what happened to Enoch and Elijah?

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